While it's a worthy aspiration, milliondollars is a start.


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-Well then, andthen they gifted me 20% equity as a down payment. -Youknow what though? It's like... I love that. Good for you.So, you you walked into the house with some equity. -Right. -Good for your parents.Just like giving you a help out. Like for me, I don't believe in giving peoplehandouts. -But I love giving people a leg up. And what parent wouldn't do that fortheir kids? -Right. -That's beautiful. -Yeah. So, you're $20 in but when you sell thetriplex, you're getting? -330,000. -$330,000.And now it's really 2 questions. "What do I do tomake a million dollars with that?" And the second part of that is "How do I createthe mindset to be able to stretch?" One of the things that we did yesterday thatI'll tell you right now is one of them important in that event. More than mostpeople really know is I've had a chance to map out every financial belief thathuman beings have about money.

And I've come up with the top 250 new beliefsthat will help someone literally think like a millionaire. And I have theadvantage of mentors that helped me learn how to address and eliminate mynegative financial thinking so that I could expand myself to be open to amillion dollars. Because most people like, "Oh, my gosh. To be a millionaire. It's somuch money." It's like, "Dude, you have to learn how to take a million dollars andshrink it down to nothing." Because if you think it's like this big hugeunattainable thing, you can't attain it. While it's a worthy aspiration, milliondollars is a start. I mean just to be clear, a million dollars earning 10% ayear is 100 grand. A lot of people would say, "Hey, you know, $8,000a month?

That'd be exciting." It's like, you know then we get married, youhave kids and then you want to world travel some of these things. It's like,well... 100,000 is kind of you know... I'm living well. -Right. -But if I wantto live with more options and opportunities, I need to do better thanthat. -Right. -So let's help you on your journey of making your first million.-Perfect. -Awesome. So, first of all, $330,000.As my partner, that's enough money that if we're strategic, we can probablyput that into 5 or 6 properties. -Nice.